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Black Widow Plot, Full Cast, Real Names, Soundtrack, Rating, Reviews

Black Widow Film Plot, Cast characters, real names, release date, ratings and reviews

Black Widow is the latest film released by Marvel Studios and made a return to cinemas after a long hiatus due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. The film created by Cate Shortland is set for release on July 9th in cinemas with fans all over the world booking tickets and looking forward to the film. 

Black Widow Plot

The film is a spy thriller starring Romanoff Natasha, a present Avenger, and past spy. The Black Widow is faced with a dangerous conspiracy; aiming to bring her down, linked to her past as a spy. The story follows her return to Eastern Europe where a secret program by the USSR that kidnaps, brainwashes, and sterilizes young ladies turning them into dangerous spies. Natasha, like the other girls, was raised believing they were all relatives. 

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Full Cast and Real Names

Below are the cast characters, their roles in the film, and their actual names.

Cast Name Real Name
Natasha Romanoff Scarlett Johansson
Alexei Shostakov David Harbour
Yelena Belova Florence Pugh
Tony Stark Robert Downey Jr
Rick Mason O-T Fagbenle
Thunderbolt Ross William Hurt
Dreykov Ray Winstone
Muscular Gulag Inmate Olivier Richters 
Red Room Widow #1 Yolanda Lynes
Red Room Widow#2 Shaina West
Russian Soldier Joakim Sarkli
Red Room Widow Jade Ma
Anya Liani Samuel
Prisoner Ahmed Bakare
Melina Vostokoff Rachel Weisz

Black Widow Soundtrack

The Black Widow official movie soundtrack has seventy-seven songs of different genres including Dangerous Woman, How to Be a Heartbreaker, Paint it Black, Emotional Machine, Wreck Havoc, Nightmare, SHadows, Play WIth Fire, Bad at Love, She Loves Control, One Woman Army, Disturbia, Monsters, Toxic, You Don’t Own Me, Reade Set Let’s Go, Twisted Wicked Ones, Hurts Like Hell, Soldier, God is a Woman and Can’t Stop Me Now among more. 

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Black Widow Rating and Reviews

Rotten Tomatoes rated the film at 85%, and out of 4,167 audience ratings, rated at 4.8/5. Critics, magazines, and other parties have given their reviews on the film content, themes, and subjects addressed.

They described Black Widow as a lot of fun, a tragically effective story, and a stellar vehicle for the characters. On the other hand, the film has been described as dwelling on dark and disturbing topics, unlike Marvel Studio’s style.

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