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A list of countries with the most Handsome men in Africa

Countries with most handsome men in africa.
Mr. World 2016 // Armand Du Plessis IMAGE: Mr World South Africa

Women from all corners of the world may be wondering where to get good looking and handsome men, maybe just to hang out with or to sire good-looking breeds with. Here is the good news.

If you’re this kind of a lady who is easily taken away with handsomeness and care a lot about the looks of the kids in your family, then Africa if the orchard.

Here are the top ten countries in Africa where you can get your good-looking husband.

1. South Africa

As far as history is concerned, south Africa is on the forefront in civilization since the coming of the white man in Africa. South Africa is not only doing welling economy but also when it comes to modeling and fashion, other countries follow. No wonder they crush almost all the awards in Africa when it comes to fashion and modelling matters.

South African men are even at the top notch when it comes to handsomeness. Their good-looking light shining faces drives ladies crazy. Because of this, you will probably notice most South African men on Hollywood movie screens.

2. Rwanda

From the southern part of Africa, lets switch our gears to East Africa. Rwanda is well known for having ladies with stunning beauty. Still Rwanda tops on the list when it comes having a larger number of good-looking men. Their handsomeness works like magic when they pick up ladies; they can’t suffer a rejection.

3. Somalia

On our list of top countries with the most handsome men, Somalia is not left behind. Somali men have unique chisel-shaped light skinned faces which drive ladies crazy. Most Somali men are thin tall and handsome. If that’s your preference as a lady, holla me for a connection (just kidding).

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4. Egypt

Let’s head to The North part of Africa and this time round is about the Pharaohs. Egypt has been well known not only for producing world’s personalities like Mohammed Salah, but also good-looking men. Most Egyptian men look familiar in terms of face shape and complexity. They have these ‘chammy’ smiles that drive ladies even crazier.

5. Ethiopia

Ethiopia is another country that is really coming up in model industry. Long gone are the days when only Ethiopian ladies rocked. This time round men have really come up to the limelight, and modelling is now a bisexual affair.

This exposure has really brought Ethiopian men to exposure. Their handsomeness has been noticed as dope! Ladies checkout for one to your home.

6. Kenya

Kenya is the best in East Africa in economic growth and Model industry. Not only that; Kenyan men are handsome. They are dark-skinned physically well-built and so romantic. By the way, Kenya has seen a record of many male and female contestants in Mr. and Miss World competitions respectively.

7. Nigeria

This is another country in Africa which it wouldn’t be fair for us not to feature it in our list. Nigeria has been known for years for having a good number of good-looking male celebrities like Davido, Tekno Miles, Noah Ramsey, Desmond Eliott among others. Nigeria still tops in the number of male handsome men than pretty ladies. Therefore, it still remains a rich hunting ground for men with good looks.

8. Morocco

Number seven on our review list is this amazing country to the north of Africa. Morocco is dominated by the Muslin religion. Men in Morocco are so staunchly religious just like any other gender.

Men in this country are so stunningly handsome because of the intermarriages with the Arabs- the products are so wow if we may say. Moroccans respect their women. Just a tip – these men are so handy too.

9. Ghana

Back to the west of Africa, we feature this country by the name Ghana. Most men in Ghana are dark, dimpled, well-built and handsome. No wonder, Kenyan women are intermarrying with Ghanaian men.

10. Angola

On our list, we conclude with Angola. Angolan men also have faces that are light, flat and chisel-shaped thus driving women crazy. They are a little plummy and tall.

Their red lips look so tender for ladies to kiss. Ladies, head over to a dating site and win yourself an Angolan man for maximum beauty in your off springs.

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