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Crime and Justice All Episodes, Cast, Characters and their Real Names

Crime and Justice, Episodes, Cast, Characters and their Real Names
Sarah Hassan and Alfred Munyua, Lead Actors on Crime and Justice. IMAGE: Courtesy

The entertainment streaming platform, Showmax, is available in numerous countries including Kenya, Benin, Cunha, Seychelles, Denmark, Germany, Norway and the United Kingdom. It has partnered with CANAL + to further investment in African content and productions to work on and begin airing Kenya’s first original series Crime and Justice.

The series premiered on 22nd February, 2021 on the platform and has thus far won over the affection of viewers across the world. Crime and Justice airs new weekly episodes on Mondays.

Crime and Justice Story Summary

Crime and Justice was created and produced to address societal issues and engrained themes that must be addressed. The series brings back cases and deep events that took place in the country lest we forget their massive impact on the victims. The police procedural and legal drama production has a choice background team of creators, directors, producers, technical team and cast members.

Crime and Justice Cast and Real Names

Casting of the series was intentionally lined up to ensure that the opportunity to showcase Kenyan talent, skill and abilities would be utilized to the fullest. The actors and actresses in the series vary from well-established figures in the industry like Sarah Hassan, Alfred Munyua and Maqbul Mohammed to young and upcoming creatives such as Melvin Alusa and Foi Wambui.

The series directors commented on their casting saying that the production will feature some actors and actresses not seen before in public platforms. Below is a list of some cast characters, their actual names and roles.

Stage Name Real Name Role Played
Makena Sarah Hassan Detective
Silas Alfred Munyua Detective
DCI Boss Kebo Maqbul Mohammed Detective
Sokoro Paul Ogola Prosecutor
Caleb Brian Ogola Resident Pathologist
Rehema / Riri Foi Wambui Father’s Murderer
Brayo Brian Abajah Witness
Abuya Muhuga Theuri University student
Lola Serah Ndanu Lola
Peter Melvin Alusa High-ranking detective
Ambassador Bendele Chris Kamau Ambassador
Barasa’s lawyer Justin Mirichii Defense Lawyer
Richard Fareed Khimani Drug dealer
Solasa Lucarelli Onyango Investigative Journalist
Barasa John Sibi Okumu Powerful politician
Judge A Dennis Musyoka Judge
Dr. Auma Wakio Mzenge Psychiatrist
Local Reverend Ruth Mangi Local reverend
Nia Serah Wanjiru Nia
Cartel leader Godfrey Odhiambo Cartel leader
Cartel 2 Charles Agengo
Tina Patricia Kihoro Abused housewife
Mrs Bandele Angie Mwandanda Ambassador’s wife
Zera Dora Nyaboke
Chege Martin Githinji
Yaro Koome Kinoti
Abuya S. Mother Shauya Deegush
Caleb Brian Ogola
Abuya S. Father Elavuna Wyclife
Radhika Kanii Edith
Court Officer A. Mwamburi Maole
Officer B. Ibrahim Muchemi
Officer C Likavo Collins
Officer D Michael Munyoki
Absko Cari Wesley
Alim Andrew Kahenya
Man 1 Samwel Ng’ang’a
Man 2 Steve Gitau
Reporter Felix Peter
Ranger Nduta Mbuthia
Politician Kennedy Luyali
Woman 1 Lucy Nding’u
Woman 2 Imali camelyne
Woman 3 Sanaipei Diana
Carwash Attendant Victor Uty
University Lady Lorella Jowi
Anya Angelle Wandera
Ebo Malik Sekani Wandera
Desk Officer Dedan Juma
Tonny Neville Misati
Erik Elvis Obukowho
Macho Officer Michael Marubu
Doctor Claude Juda
Michelle Angella Mwandanda
Officer E Brenda Ngeso
Fare Clerk Duncan Murunyu
Nurse Veronicah Waceke
Macho Officer 2 Alvin Olang’o
Bishop Patrick Oketch
Lira Sybil Mukandutiye Flight Attendant 1
Loretta Mbati Brenda Mwai
Aisha Gathoni Mutua
Claire Adelyne Wairimu
Rose Ellah Maina
Officer Masha George Mo
Anna Sandra Wambui
Adimu Zainab Wanja Aziz
Kioni Julie Brenda
Flight Attendant 2 Ann Muli Flight Attendant
Security Guard Elvis Kanja
Bartender Simon Waigwa
Hannah Lucy Njoroge
Mrs Singh Akanksha Nehra
Mr Singh Mehul Malde
Vijay Anant Sharma
Mr Kingada Lowry Odhiambo
Mrs Kingada Caro Rita Mutua
Kamal Malik Mohamed
Mrs Wafula Florence Nduta
Chris Ronnie Kariuki
Singh Lawyer Aseem Sharma
Aarti Zhara Kassam
Fatima Maureen Kahihu
Professor Loretta Mbati Brenda Mwai
Dennis Moses Mugo
Judge B Karimi Njagi
Court Officer B Chris Ogonda
Front Desk Clerk Jacky Kaboi
Tiffany Aika Mwachia
Nadia Diya Vaya
Lodging Manager Bernard Irungu
Guest 1 Saada Mohamed
Masked Man Brian Okubasu
Bailiff Finnie Wafula


Crime and Justice Season One all Episodes

Crime and Justice thus far has released five case files in eight episodes addressing varied matters. Each episode features choice casting, a dominant topic under investigation until passing of legal verdict and holds key lessons to pick.

1. Episode 1, Case File 01

The first case file is titled ‘The Mistress’ and is about the killing of Abuya, a pregnant college student who was in an affair with an influential political figure called Barasa. This case was created in bringing to light some of the unfortunate cases the country has experienced involving the murder of young ladies linked with affairs gone sour. Detective duo, Silas and Makena, go in search of justice for the slain girl in a captivating chain of events.

2. Episode 2, Case File 02

The second case file is titled ‘Primal’ and is based on a murder by a girl aged seventeen of her father by stabbing him several times. The intense case featured Foi Wambui portraying Rehema, the accused. This case addressed the stories of women who find themselves on the victim’s end and as Riri says while under interrogation, ‘We are women in a men’s world’.

3. Episode 3, Case File 03

This is titled ‘Pride’ and is about an investigation of a mixed couple’s murder. The detectives led to the deceased lady’s brother, a twisted individual. The case is followed through until a legal verdict is given in a court of Law. This production represented the various characters we have in society and their capabilities. It also highlighted the rates of unconventional relationships acceptability of different groups in society.

4. Episode 4, Case File 04

This is tiled ‘Coked’ and is about investigating a social media influencer’s murder. The circumstances surrounding the case lead the detectives to a drug dealership cartel that has been working under the cover of an apparent talent manger. The talent manager role, Richard, is played by Fareed Khimani. The case was highlighted to address such masquerades in the country luring young people towards crime and the means of handling them.

5. Episode 5, Case File 05

The fifth case file is titled ‘Battered’ and portrays the immense damage and reality of domestic and gender-based violence. Tina, Detective Peter’s wife, is an abused lady who suffers bruising and wounds by her detective husband. The detective duo finds themselves in a position necessitating getting justice for Tina and facing their colleague. This case file portrayed society’s laid-back approach in handling such cases that have become rampant.

Crime and Justice is a worthwhile watch showcasing the fast-paced evolution of Kenya’s entertainment industry. The series is scripted by the brilliant, recognized and experienced Inda Puline, Nero Anthony, Munene Brian, Kevin Njue and Mwihaki Sarah. It is further directed and produced by Adam Neutzsky-Wulff working alongside a fully-Kenyan crew.

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