Home Education in Kenya Updated Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) Fee Structure 2020/2021

Updated Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) Fee Structure 2020/2021

Updated Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) Fee Structure 2020/2021

The Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) is a national provider of medical education to students to empower them in the medical profession and become self-reliant. The main school is located off Ngong Road in Nairobi with multiple branches across the country. Given the current global pandemic of the Corona virus, KMTC has taken on to e-learning to ensure that learning continues despite the tough situation that has ridden the whole world in an unprecedented calling.

In this article, we will be looking at the KMTC fee structure of the institution for in-service, self-sponsored and regular students.

Registration Ksh 2,000 Ksh 2,000
Activity Fee Ksh 7,000 Ksh 7,000
Examination Ksh 10,000 Ksh 10,000
Library and ICT Services Ksh 3,000 Ksh 3,000
Tuition Ksh 70,000 Ksh 30,000
Research and Development Fee Ksh 10,000 Ksh 10,000
Transportation fee Ksh 9,000 Ksh 9,000
Maintenance fee Ksh 9,000 Ksh 9,000
Student ID card Ksh 700 Ksh 700
TOTAL Ksh 120,700 Ksh 80,700


The institution allows for payment of the school fees in installments divided between the two semesters of the academic year. The KMTC has been recognized for its quality provision of medical education and has become quite competitive among the higher learning institutions.

Equipped with high quality equipment facilitating extensive research, comfortable accommodation and extra facilities within its campuses, KMTC is a great choice of school for students looking to work in future in the medical field such as laboratory specialists, nurses and doctors and also provides a great launching step into higher level of study such as graduate and postgraduate levels of study.

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The institution not only performs impeccably in academic matters, it also does very well in providing the students a dynamic and wholesome experience while on college. These include sports such as handball and basketball whereby the students have represented the institution in national competitions and also vibrant clubs such as the Red Cross.

These activities come together in providing a great stay on campus and an affordable choice of higher education learning. The school does not allow for cash deposits in payment of school fees and provides that payments be made to The National Bank of Kenya, Nairobi to the Account Number: 01003086514000.

KMTC Students’ Portal

Just like any other campus, KMTC has its students’ portal where students can check their application status, download exam cards, check exam results etc. To logon to the students portal, follow this link.

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