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KUCCPS Student Portal Login, Create Account and Application of Courses

KUCCPS Portal Login, Account Creation and Application of Courses

Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service, KUCCPS guides and allocates successful KCSE candidates into institutions of higher learning such as technical training institutes, colleges and polytechnics among more. These candidates enjoy partial government sponsorship for their chosen programs.

The state corporation disseminates information on paths for students to take in building their careers, and as a core function offers guidance on career choices and paths through seminars and webinars.

KUCCPS Student Portal

The portal is an online platform for the candidates to make their selections in what they intend to pursue, where to pursue the paths and other downloadable materials.

How to login to KUCCPS Student Portal

To log in, individuals go to the website at kuccps.net and click student’s portal visible at the top right of the screen. This leads students.kuccps.net page where the student should now log in using their KCSE index number, exam year and a password which can be either one’s birth certificate number or their KCPE index number.

Programs and Institutions

They can then make their program selection from a database of available programs and rank them according to which they would most prefer (in order of preference). The programs are categorized into four – degrees, diplomas, certificates and artisan programs. Under the degree programs, there are twenty-three (23) available course clusters for candidates to explore. Additionally, an exhaustive institutions list from which candidates can make their selections is provided on the portal.

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The system is designed to alert students whether they qualify for the program they selected along with the institution they have chosen. The first choice has three options for the candidates which allows them to have three top options they will most likely be placed for. They then fill out the other selections and submit their selections before time elapses. The portal has an active countdown at the bottom of the page which alerts candidates on how much more time they have before the system declines any further changes.


The portal has available downloads which include craft, diploma, artisan program codes, degree cluster document, counties, postal and districts codes, principal and student manuals, degree cutoffs and requirements for diploma programs.

Track Record

The KUCCPS has so far 546 available degree paths, 218 for diploma, 114 for certificate, 145 for artisan, 69 universities and 179 colleges were it places the students.

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