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Linda Ikeji Biography, Age, Career, Education, Family, Husband, Net Worth

Linda Ikeji Biography, Age, Career, Education, Family, Husband, Net Worth

Entrepreneurship is a journey that has been taken up by millions of people across the world with an aim to make an income and pursue their goals, dreams and ambitions. Linda Ikeji is a Nigerian entrepreneur, blogger, writer and former model whose dedication and strength of will has placed her as one of the most successful women in Africa. This article looks into her biography and articulates her background, career and personal life.

Linda Ikeji Age and Place of Birth

Linda Ikeji was born in Nigeria in 1980 on 19th September to her parents in Imo State.

Linda Ikeji Education Background

Her alma mater is the University of Lagos where she pursued a program in English. She also holds an honorary doctorate degree credited to her contribution towards African media.

Linda Ikeji Career Journey

Linda began working at the age of seventeen in a bid to support her family and provide for herself. She took up gigs as a waitress, usher, model and bartender. On graduating from college, she took a keen interest in entrepreneurship to craft her own path into Journalism, a field she had been passionate about from a young age.

Her first two companies, Blackdove Communications and FM&B however did not stand long following capital shortages and unbearable expenses. She then went back home and began her journey as a blogger. Her content is news based giving gossip and updates on the occurrences in the world.

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Blogging has gotten her to great heights receiving global awards and recognitions for her work in the African media. She then grew on that establishing a television channel, radio station and an actively engaged social media. Some of her recognitions include being named on Forbes Africa’s 20 most prominent women and United Nations Global Leadership Awards.

Linda Ikeji Personal Life, Husband, Children

Linda has one child, a son born in 2018. Her blogging has sometimes gotten her into trouble such as one instance when her blog was shut down for two days following controversial material being posted thereon.

Linda Ikeji Net Worth and Assets

Ikeji’s net worth is estimated to be at a value of $800,000. She owns expensive assets including a multi-million mansion and luxury cars.

Real Name Linda Ifeoma Ikeji
Nickname Ikeji
Age 40 (As at 2021)
Nationality Nigerian
Tribe Unknown
Education Level Bachelor’s Degree
Place of Birth Imo state, Nigeria
Year of Birth 19th September 1980
Religion Christian
Sholaye Jeremi
Son Name
Career/Profession Blogger/Model
Net Worth $800,000


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