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Makini School scholarships for KCPE Candidates, How to apply

Makini School scholarships for KCPE Candidates, How to apply
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Makini group of schools were founded back in February 1978. By then, it was named Riara Gardens Academy and began as a nursery school with just 8 children. This was in a colonial bungalow where once lived the founders, the late Dr. Pius Okelo and Dr. Mary Okelo.

The Makini schools are among some of top notch Kenyan private schools that provide holistic and quality education.

Makini schools provide the Kenyan education system curriculum having 3000 learners, 230 teachers, 50 classes and currently offering 20 co-curricular activities.

The following are some of the campuses that you may consider at Makini schools

  • Ngong Road Campus (Pre & Primary School)
  • Makini Junior Academy, State House Avenue (Pre & Lower Primary)
  • Ngong Road Campus (High School)
  • Makini Preschool & Lower Primary, Migosi, Kisumu
  • Makini Kibos Upper Primary & High School (Boarding)
  • Makini Pre-primary & Grade 1, Migosi, Kisumu

Makini’s curriculum is drawn from global best practice with a child centered approach. They educate the whole child to be ready for life and work in the modern world while aiming to make Makini a world class school.

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Makini schools also gives back to the society by offering scholarships to bright students who are unable to raise the school fee dues.

Makini school scholarship Guidelines

  • Scholarships are awarded on merit and will be subject to annual review.
  • They may be held for the duration of the student’s time at Makini High School.
  • Scholarships up to 50% may be awarded and in rare cases up to 100%

Makini scholarships are offered to:

  • Reward and encourage excellence.
  • Recognize outstanding achievement or promise in the disciplines identified
  • Provide regular opportunities for prominence and leadership within a given specialism

Application Procedure

Candidates should complete the following process:

  • Complete the scholarship application form (enclosed).
  • Attach supporting documentary evidence including Personal Statement and Portfolio (pdf)
  • Attach the required essay, completed in the student’s own words. This should be handwritten.
  • All applications must be received no later than 5pm, Friday November 15th Submission of application may only occur through email to the Education Director: scholarships@makinischool.com

Letter Offers

  • Following the selection process the Education Director will send a letter to each candidate.
  • This will be either offering a scholarship or explaining that the candidate has not met the criteria on this occasion. Unsuccessful applicants may be offered the opportunity of a full fee-paying place if there are vacancies within the school.

The offer will clarify the:

  • Value of the scholarship
  • Period for which the scholarship applies or will be reviewed
  • In what ways the student is expected to make a contribution to the life of the school community
  • Monitoring of progress and attainment and circumstances where the scholarship may be withdrawn

Student’s performance (including attitude, contribution to school life and progress) are monitored and reviewed by the Education Director and Head of School.

This process involves

  • Discussion with the student
  • Review of assessment of his or her attainment and progress in the area in which the scholarship has been awarded.
  • The student should at least, continue to demonstrate the potential and commitment seen at the time of the award in order to retain it.
  • Parents are required to confirm acceptance of the scholarship in writing within one week.

External candidates are also required to register with the school at the same.

Note: Makini Schools reserves the right to withdraw the scholarships where documents submitted cannot be evidenced.

End-of-Year Results

  • Outstanding performance in the specific area i.e. sports, art, music, drama etc. is only part of the criteria.
  • For all applicants, academic success is an important component of being a member of the school.
  • Please provide results of either your end-of-year or interim reports (whichever is most recent). However, if you have not received them yet, please submit results from the previous year. Semi-finalists in the next stage of the selection process need to submit original copies for verification.

Assessment Criteria

  • Students applying for a part scholarship in the following year groups will have to demonstrate the following Academic Profile:
  • Above 390-400 (KCPE) – 20% scholarship
  • Above 430 (KCPE) – 30% scholarship
  • Form 2 mean grade B
  • Form 3 mean grade B+

Internal Assessment

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to sit internal assessments based on external examinations. This will support the candidates’ application evidence.

Personal Statement and Portfolio of Supporting Evidence

Along with the essay, applicants are invited to submit a persuasive Personal Statement and Portfolio of Supporting Evidence, for example showcasing achievement both visually and through the documentation of academic achievements.
The Essay

The hand-written essay gives you the opportunity to share why you are interested in a scholarship to study at Makini Schools.

  • The format is entirely up to you.
  • The length of the essay is restricted to one A4 sheet, double-sided.
  • It should be handwritten.
Supporting Documents

A maximum of three pages of additional information, certificates or testimonials will be accepted. Please clearly label all supporting application items with the candidate’s name. These will be returned, if requested.

If you meet all the conditions for application, head over this link and fill their application form

Makini Schools Scholarship Contacts

For further information or clarification regarding application, please contact

  • The Scholarship Committee at:
  • Makini Schools
  • Address: 21784 – 00505
  • Makindi Road, Nairobi
  • Email: scholarships@makinischool.com
  • Phone: +254 (020) 385 4950

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