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Patricia Noah Biography, Age, Career, Family, Husband, Net Worth

Patricia Noah Biography, Age, Career, Family, Husband, Net Worth
Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah. IMAGE: Instagram

Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah is a South African woman who happens to be the world-acclaimed comedian and the Daily Show host Trevor Noah’s biological mother. She resides in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Patricia Noah Age, Birthday, Place of Birth, Family, Tribe, Nationality

Patricia was born in South Africa. She was about 50 years old at the time of the shooting as stated in Trevor Noah’s book ‘Born a Crime.’ Patricia converted to Judaism Trevor was about 10 years old. She is a native South African woman from the Xhosa community.

She is the unwanted middle child of Temperance Noah and France Noah, always deemed as the rebellious, stubborn and troublemaker child. According to her mother, she never behaved like a girl should. She asked her mother permission to go live with her father when she was 9. Her mother complied, but her father sent her to go live with her sister in Transkei where she never reunited with either of them for the next 12 years. At her aunt’s house, she lived with 14 cousins of hers in a hut, all from different parents. Together, they were the children that parents found hard-headed or ones that parents were too poor to raise.

At the age of 21, Patricia was ready to evade the predetermined destiny of most black children, commonly known as ‘black tax’. Patricia knew that if she continued living in Soweto, she will not amount to anything in life. She learnt English at the Missionary school and took up typing classes before she made up her mind. She moved to Johannesburg to get herself a life when she was about 22 years old.

 Patricia Noah Trevor Noah

Patricia is Trevor Noah’s biological mother. She gave birth to him on 20th February, 1984 in Johannesburg. Trevor’s mother is native South African whereas Robert, his biological father, who was almost twice the age of Patricia, was of Swiss/German ancestry.

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This means that Trevor is a mixed child. Trevor was born at a time when there was an apartheid in South Africa and interracial dating or marriage was illegal and punishable by law. It was even illegal to fall in love with someone of a different race. When caught, you risk being imprisoned for 5 years. This means that Trevor was born a crime, just as he named his book where he explained his life as a mixed child in South Africa during the apartheid.

She conceived Noah after Robert rented her a room in Johannesburg. Before moving to Jo’burg, she had been working as a secretary in Xhosa homeland even though during the apartheid, black women were excluded from secretary jobs. After giving birth to her mixed son in Jo’burg, she hid him for a good part of his childhood.

At one time, she had to have a colored woman pretend to be the mother as she pretended to be the woman’s maid. While walking on the streets, she had to pretend that he was not her son. At one time, she had to save Trevor by throwing him out of a moving bus. All this was done to evade the long arm of the law that promoted racism.

Patricia Noah Abel

Patricia’s ex-husband is Ngisaveni Abel Shingange. At one time, she moved in to Abel’s garage in an unfortunate attempt to save his auto repair business. Later, they moved to the white suburb of Highlands North where the only blacks available beside her were the maids. Shortly after, Abel’s abusiveness got worse and she left him after he tried to kill her. They had 2 sons together and got legally divorced in 1996. She later got married to Sfizo Khoza.

Patricia Noah Born a Crime

In his book, Trevor Noah cannot thank her mother enough for being his ‘teammate’. She ensured that he learnt English, a language that only the whites had the privilege to learn at that time. She taught her to dream big, to have a fighter’s spirit, be assertive, independent, creative and to break beyond set limits. There is a Netflix movie titled ‘Son of Patricia’ where Lupita Nyong’o asked to play the role of Trevor’s mother, Patricia.

‘When it was time to pick my name, she called me ‘Trevor’, a name with no meaning whatsoever in South Africa, no precedent in my family. It is not even a Biblical name. It’s just a name. My mother wanted he child beholden to no fate. She wanted me to be free to go anywhere, do anything, be anyone.’- Born A Crime.

Patricia Noah Children

Patricia has 3 sons; Trevor Noah, Andrew Shingange and Issac Shingange. Trevor is Robert’s child whereas Andrew and Issac are Abel’s sons.

Patricia Noah Feud with Electrician

Sometime last year, she had a court battle after Elliot Mabua, his electrician, claimed that she failed to pay him after he worked at one of her units in Johannesburg. The court then ordered her to pay him R4500, where Patricia filed a motion at the South Gauteng High Court, asking for a review since according to her, she never mandated for Mabua or his company to provide any electrical repairs at any of her properties. A review was then filed.

Patricia Noah Shot, Death, Still Alive

After their divorce, Abel, Trevor’s stepfather, shot her mother in the head. He was so abusive to the extent that he was ready and willing to take Patricia’s life. She miraculously survived after the bullet went into the back of her head and out through her nose, missing her brain and arteries. When Trevor’s step brother called him to inform him about the ordeal, he felt so much wrath. Abel was convicted of attempted murder but was sentenced only to probation.

Patricia Noah Trevor Noah visit

A while ago, the internet was on flames after Patricia stated that she learnt of Trevor Noah’s visit to Cape Town via Social media. When asked why she was relying on the internet for her son’s arrival in the country, she stated her son is a businessman and as a mother, he does not have the right to control his son’s movements.

However, reports have it that a while ago, he confided in one of the officials close to King Goodwill Zwelithini, stating that she felt that Trevor had abandoned her as she felt like he had found a new family in New York.

Patricia Noah Net worth

Patricia Noah is the mother to Trevor Noah, one of the world’s highest paid comedians. She, however, does not like to be comfortable in her son’s wealth. She has her own businesses, properties and companies in South Africa that she runs. Her current net worth is not yet public but she is one wealthy businesswoman.

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