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Rema Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

Rema Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

Rema, whose factual name is Divine Ikubor, is a contemporary forthcoming extremely talented songwriter and musician. His name picked up after releasing his first debut song, “Iron Man” ensuing the partnership he entered with Jonzing World, an ancillary of Mavin Records, with whom he signed a record deal. Rema’s music is currently domineering the music scene, topping charts, striking millions of streaming music, and replenishing the afrobeat sound.

Rema Age and Place of Birth

21 years old Rema was born on 1st May 2000 in Benin City, his childhood home, located in Nigeria. 

Rema Early Life and Education

While not much is known about Rema’s childhood experience, we know that he grew up in a Christian family with both his parents, his sister, and his brother in Benin city. He used to perform in church and street gigs when he was still a child back in the day. 

Rema came from a normal middle-class family who led a simple life. He attended both primary and secondary school in Benin. His father, a judge, was able to adequately care for them until he passed away along with his brother before he became a well-known artist. His mother and sister have consistently been his comfort and support amid the confusion and grief of losing his father and brother.

Following his father’s death, Rema did not proceed to pursue further studies in any university. He decided to dedicate his time and energy to growing his music career.

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Rema Career

Rema’s interest in music can be dated back to when he performed in church and on street gigs as a small boy. His talent and interest have been obvious from back in the day. In secondary school, he used to sing and rap and even afterward continued to produce music on a low budget for about 3 years before his big break.

In 2018, he freestyled D’Princes song, “Gucci Gang” and posted the video on Instagram. The video went viral and got D’Princes’ attention who was surpassingly impressed and ended up flying Rema to Lagos where he was offered a record deal. He got integrated with Don Jazzy’s Jonzing World, a branch of Mavin Records where he’s been working ever since.

The hit song, “Iron Man” made strong waves in 2019 and appeared in the USA’s Summer Playlist. This supported and catapulted the release of his first EP which charted as number one on apple music, Nigeria. Still, in 2019, he continued to release more EPs and singles that were thoroughly enjoyed across the continent and even became club staples.

Rema was nominated for the 13th edition of the Headies in October 2019 as well as Best Viewer’s Choice: International Act on the 2020 Bet Awards. He won the Next Rated Award in 2019 and the Soundcity MVP: Best New Artist in 2020. 

Thus far Rema is doing excellent in creating beautiful revamped afrobeat music, trailblazing his path and we can only expect more bangers as time goes by.

Rema Net Worth and Assets 

Details on how much Rema has made so far are inconclusive. However, sources report that he has he may have accumulated about $500,000. This includes his salary, the money he makes from tours and performances as well as endorsement deals.

Real Name Divine Ikubor
Age 21
Place of Birth Benin, Nigeria
Nationality Nigerian
Net Worth  $20,000


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