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Sbahle Mzizi Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career, Education, Parents

Sbahle Mzizi Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career, Education, Parents

South Africa’s darling child star, Sbahle Mzizi, is one of the youngest baby influencers in the country. At her young age, she has been involved in several gigs, endorsements and brand ambassadorship that are worth thousands of dollars. This article highlights her personal life and achievements thus far.

Sbahle Mzizi Age and Place of Birth

Sbahle was born on 28th June, 2017 and is the first born to Ntando Duma and DJ DeRocka. She was born in South Africa where her parents hail from as well.

Sbahle Mzizi Education Background

The little influencer is yet to begin official schooling. She is however engaged in active home learning and practical activities.

Sbahle Mzizi Career

Sbahle is a baby internet sensation and has become a door for infant-products and services providers to their target market audience. She began amassing thousands of followers on her Instagram page even before she was born. The numbers have since then only been skyrocketing. Her page mostly advertises baby clothing, diapers, accessories and more.

To set up a marketing plan on her page, inquiries are made through her direct message service. These marketing or advertising engagements are created in the seller’s specifications usually boosted by the team’s creativity and ideas on how to sell the product. Some are set up in parties or celebrations like one on birthdays showcasing a bakery, tent providers, commercial caterers and PR/photographers.

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For instance, her past three birthdays have been mega showcase platforms for several brands and indeed individuals. With the circulating hashtags and tagging of other platform users, Sbahle Mzazi has been a key aspect in the growth of several entities.

Sbahle Mzizi Personal Life, Parents

Sbahle is her parents’ first and only child thus far. She is a South African three-year-old who is winning over the affection and adoration of a majority of the citizens. Her parents take care of her equally despite previous hitches and misunderstandings in the couple’s relationship. she has spent most of her life living and consistently sharing her life experiences on social media. These include photoshoot ideas Beyonce-Blue inspired creations.

Mzizi and Parents

The little girl is a big fan of the animations and kid shows- Mr. Bean, Frozen and other popular kids shows. In addition, her Instagram bio says that she is the country’s future president

Sbahle Mzizi Net worth and Assets

Sbahle is making big money deals and attracting the attention of huge brands across the country and beyond. Her exact net worth is however yet to be established.

Real Name Sbahle Mzizi
Age 3 years (As at 2021)
Nationality South African
Father DJ DeRocka
Mother Ntando Duma
Place of Birth South Africa
Net worth Unknown


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