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Citizen TV Single Dad Drama Episodes, Characters and Real Names

Single Dad (Soltero Con Hijas) Citizen TV Drama Episodes, Characters and Real Names

An entertaining Mexican Telenovela known as Soltero con Hijas (Single Dad) is set to air soon on a popular Kenyan television station known as Citizen TV. The soap opera revolves around the life of Carlos, a spinster who was a womanizer. As time went by, fate led him to single-handedly take care of 3 of his nieces who had lost their parents.

With so much on his plate, he dearly needed a helping hand. This desperation led him to seek help from Victoria, his immediate neighbor, and he falls in love with her soon after. The single dad telenovela depicts how Victoria’s dad tries to come in between their relationship.

Soltero Con Hijas (Single Dad) Production

Single Dad was originally acted in the Spanish Language, having being initiated in Mexico. It has since been translated in other languages such as English. The producers were Juan Osorio (exec. Producer), Ignacio Ortiz and Roy Rojas, the directors were Aurelio Avila and Gabriel Soto whereas the writers were Santiago Pineda, Hugo Moreno and Pablo Ferrer. The show, which was officially released on 28th Oct 2019, currently has only one season out with eighty-seven episodes.

Soltero con Hijas (Single Dad) Full Cast, Characters and their Full Names

Victoria Robles Navarro Vanessa Guzman She is a child psychiatrist who later loses her wedding to be due to endometriosis.
Nicholas Contreras Gabriel Soto He is the main character. He is a bachelor who loves messing around with women but is not ready to commit, until he meets Victoria.
Rodrigo Montero Pablo Montero Victoria’s ex-lover and hotel owner.
Gabriela Garcia Perez Mayrin Villanueva Manages the hotel.
Masha Simonova Irina Baeva She is looking for her father.
Efrain Robles Carlos Mata He is the father to Victoria.
Alondra Ruvalcaba Laura Flores Grandma to the 3 girls.
Juan Diego Sebastian Poza The son to Ileana.
Camila Paz Contreras Azul Guaita The oldest of the 3 nieces.
Ileana Barrios Sanchez Laura Vignatti A single mother who also happens to be very close to Victoria.
Juventino Rene Strickler Nicolas’ best friend.
Mauricio Mijares Mauricio Aspe Victoria’s lover who cancelled their wedding.
Ursula Perez Maria Sorte The mother to Domingo and Gabriela.
Alexa Paz Contreras Ana Tena She is always on social media, trying to find her first lover.
Sofia Paz Contreras Charlotte Carter She is the dyslexic niece, the youngest of the 3.
Hugo Montero Jason Romo The son to Rodrigo.
Father Domingo Santiago Zenteno Gabriela’s brother.
Robertino Rodriguez Jual Vidan A crime gang leader
Coral Palma del Mar Barbara Islas Receptionist at the hotel.
Manuel Gomiz Lalo Palacios The hotel’s bellboy.
Fabiru Mario Discua The doorman at Nicolas’ residence.
Paulette Paola Archer
Tato Laureano Brizuela
Jaiba Moises Zurman
Camaron Eric Crum
Adrian Marcelo Bacerlo
Natalia Monica Plehn A friend to Alexa
Barbara Yhoana Marell
Samuel Del Paso Garcia Mauricio Arriaga Son to Juventino.
Nikolai Elvaut Richten
Gustavo Ruy Gaytan The son to Juventino.
Leona Lenteja Paty Diaz Social worker.

Soltero Con Hijas (Single Dad) Citizen TV full Episodes

Episode 1

This is the first time Nicolas and Victoria meet. The meeting point is a cake house where Nic had gone to look for a cake for his niece Sofia, who was turning a year older.

Episode 2

This is where Antonio passes on in a car accident. Later on, Cristina dies on her death bed as the girls say their goodbyes.

Episode 3

After the burial, Nico is willing to stay with his nieces who had lost their parents to the road accident.

Episode 4

During their breakfast, Ileana and Victoria meet Mauricio, who had another lady and the two seemed too cozy together. As Nico is trying to take care of the girls, he gets overwhelmed with the fees and he is considering having them change schools.

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Episode 5

Nico together with Vic talk about the disagreement regarding her father. There is a scene in the hotel regarding Nico being seen with Vic and Mauricio being seen with the woman he was with earlier.

Episode 6

The 3 girls are being taken by Nico to see their new school. Camila and Juan Diego come face to face.

Episode 7

Here, Vic and Nico get to discuss on the incident that Vic was in. Sofia later opens up on the escape of her sisters.

Episode 8

A lonely Vic is consoled by Ileana.

Episode 9

Vic is being pushed by the captain to get wedded. This is the day where Nico requests Vic for a helping hand.

Episode 10

The two lovebirds, that is Nico and Vic, go clubbing.

Episode 11

Nico is paid a visit by a social worker known as Leona so as to see if he is fit for the role of having the girls under his care.

Episode 12

Nico and Vic get cozy with each other and the two later kiss.

Episode 13

The girls go in for the audition of Juliet after which an infection engulfs the hotel.

Episode 14

Vic finds out that she will not be able to have kids.

Episode 15

Here, Nico is questioned by Rodrigo about Vic.

Episode 16

Alexa has severe skin issues that forces her to consult a dermatologist. Vic apologizes to Nico.

Episode 17

There is a fire at Ileana’s house on the night that she invited Vic over.

Episode 18

Rodrigo confesses his love and hate to Vic. Later on, Vic and Nico wed.

Episode 19

Vic and Nico get married and the two go in for a kiss.

Episode 20

Masha reaches at Acapulco for business purposes at the hotel.

Episode 21

Here, Masha and Vic come face to face with each other.

Episode 22

There is a fight between Rodrigo and Vic.

Episode 23

Vic and Nico confess their love to each other.

Episode 24

In a bid to help recover Alexa, Vic proposes marriage to Nico. Nico is seduced by Masha.

Episode 25

It is known that Masha is the daughter to the Captain.

Episode 26

The day of the judgment is here.

Episode 27

Alondra is being asked by Nico to help save the girls. Also, Isabel pops a beautiful baby girl.

Episode 28

In an attempt to detach him from Vic, Masha flirts with Nico.

Episode 29

Victoria has proof that Masha and Nico kissed. She approaches him with the picture.

Episode 30

Juandi pours his heart out when it comes to his love for Camila. Ileana is put under arrest.

Episode 31

Here, Nico express regret to Vic and states that he will no longer be lying to her.

Episode 32

Nico does his best to save Alexa from her adaptive parents. On the other hand, Vic has an agonizing loss.

Episode 33

Ileana plead guilty.

Episode 34

Here, Nico gets together with Vic.

Episode 35

Vic gets confronted by Rodrigo for her thunder with Nicolas.

Episode 36

Mrs. Alondra for the first time gets to tell Nicolas why she went so far away from the girls.

Episode 37

Ileana steps out of prison.

Episode 38

Nicolas gets pounce on by a rat in the cellar.

Episode 39

Ridrigo comes to find out that he is being spied on.

Episode 40

Victoria is being fought for by Nicolas and Rodrigo.

Episode 41

Here, Camila and Hugo go in for their first kiss.

Episode 42

Despite Vic and Rodrigo kissing, Vic asks for time.

Episode 43

Juve becomes the new hotel manager. Masha gets confronted by Vic.

Episode 44

Vic demands for a DNA test after Masha approves to becoming the daughter to Claudia.

Episode 45

Vic and Rodrigo have a good time during Christmas.

Episode 46

Nicolas becomes closer with the girls and their bond strengthen, regardless of brushing shoulders with Alondra.

Episode 47

Even though she was worried about the outcome of the DNA test, the results come out positive, confirming that they are indeed sisters.

Episode 48

Nico comes clean to Masha and tells her that he can never be in love with her.

Episode 49

Nico gets confronted by Ileana who wants to know why he broke Vic’s heart.

Episode 50

People come together to celebrate the New Year.

Episode 51

Alexa and Camila bring their love relationships to an end.

Episode 52

After being attacked, the captain is found unconscious by Nicolas.

Episode 53

Ursula informs Rodrigo that Nicolas left Vic.

Episode 54

Rodrigo comes clean to Nicolas.

Episode 55

The girls are kidnapped by Masha and El Calamal. The two go ahead and hurt Nicolas.

Episode 56

The Paz sisters are being rescued by Vic and Nicolas.

Episode 57

Here, Nic informs Vic that he loves her so much and is ready and willing to show her that.

Episode 58

Even after visiting Masha in jail, Vic is not willing to forgive her.

Episode 59

Camila wants to be a changed person in all aspects of her life. Alexa apologizes to Vic.

Episode 60

Camila hurls insults at her grandma.

Episode 61

After Nicolas plans a nice proposal, he puts the ring in a cake, which Vic swallows, something that leads her in hospital.

Episode 62

Nico asks for Vic’s hand in marriage at La Quebrada.

Episode 63

Rodrigo confesses his love to Ileana.

Episode 64

After the captain visited her in prison, Masha asks him for forgiveness.

Episode 65

Since their wedding date is set, Nicolas and Vic celebrate with their family.

Episode 66

A mixed bachelor party of the two takes place, where Masha sends them a wedding gift.

Episode 67

Two gorgeous wedding ceremonies take place to seal the wedding between Nicolas and Vic.

Episode 68

The newlyweds are in a yacht, having the time of their lives.

Episode 69

Rodrigo declares his love to Ileana.

Episode 70

The first night as a family after the wedding is hard for Nic and Vico.

Episode 71

Despite them being legally united, Nico is not prepared and ready for a new child.

Episode 72

The 3 girls stress Nicolas and Victoria.

Episode 73

Juve quits his job at the hotel.

Episode 74

Emilio Marcos presents Adrian as her lover at the party.

Episode 75

Ileana and Rodrigo get cozy and they kiss.

Episode 76

Vic comes across Nicolas in a sensual photo shoot and this leads to her punishing him. Rodrigo asks Ileana to be his girl.

Episode 77

Alexa and Samuel are expelled from school.

Episode 78

Vic finds out that she is expectant.

Episode 79

Vic and Nicolas deliver the news of Vic’s pregnancy to friends and family. However, Sophia is not so happy about the news. Masha is so close to dying.

Episode 80

Vic meets Masha and she accepts her apologies.

Episode 81

Juandi and Camila get cozy on the boat where they are so much in love.

Episode 82

Masha kills the doctors and she escapes from the hospital. We find out that Nicolas and Vic are expecting twins.

Episode 83

El Calamal attempts to end Ileana’s dear life.

Episode 84

El Calamal tries to kill Ileana, but Vic comes to her rescue, risking her life and those of her unborn twins.

Episode 85

Masha wants to revenge against Nicolas and Vic and she steals her son from the hospital.

Episode 86

Vic and Nicolas are so desperate for their child.

Episode 87

Ultimately, all the families will end up happy after Masha is drugged by Coral and Juandi is kidnapped by El Calamal. A party is thrown.


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