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This section of Teachers may not receive their salaries this month

This Section of Teachers may not Receive their Salaries this Month

Kenya is one of the countries which have been hit so had due to Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic. The pandemic has left many key sectors of the economy without funds. Most funds which were supposed to be used in some sectors have been channeled to fight the pandemic.

Some civil servants and workers in some private sectors have been forced to go home with half payments. This is seemingly not the case in Kenya alone; the governments across the globe are working around the clock to ensure that vaccine is found for the scourge and perhaps reinstate the situation to normal.

All schools around the globe were closed a few months ago due to this pandemic. This means that a section of teachers may go home without receiving their paychecks by the end of this month or in the near future as the pandemic persists.

Some of of the teachers who may be affected to a greater extend are teachers in private schools and those teachers who serve schools as teachers on Board of Management terms. These schools depend on payments of fee from parents so that they can remunerate their teachers.

In the foregoing situation, students are not in schools and consequently, most school heads will claim that there is no money in school accounts to pay for the teachers’ salaries. Everyone understands the situation but some school heads may be humane enough to put their BOM teachers into consideration.

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These are hard times for everyone and it is by common sense that these teachers need to eat and dress. Some of them have families they should feed and bills to pay yet their only saviour is the teaching academic papers. During a Covid-19 briefing on 13th April 2020, Health CS. Mutahi Kagwe urged employers to consider and ensure that their employees can afford their basic needs such as food.

This should be a lesson to educators who put their eggs in one basket (even permanently employed). Some teachers are managing their businesses which are doing well and hence sustaining them during these trying moments. If you have corrections, suggestions or opinions on this article, please let us know by filling our contact form here.

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