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Top 10 Richest Governors in Nigeria and Net Worth 2021

Top 10 Richest Governors in Nigeria and Net Worth 2021
Governor Bello Sani. Niger State Governor, Nigeria

Nigeria is politically administered in states with each headed by a governor. African politics are often faulted for getting rich off the citizens’ hard work. Some however took advantage of what they had and made the most out of it. Others owe their wealth to other investments. In this article, Nigeria’s richest state governors are outlined, their sources of wealth with their respective monetary value.

1. Bello Sani

Valued at $1 billion, this is Nigeria’s richest valued governor. Leading the state of Niger, Bello Sani is a mogul in the petroleum industry which has indubitably amassed him such amounts of wealth.

2. Wike Nyeson

He ranks second among the richest governors in Nigeria. Heading Nigeria’s Rivers State, Wike Nyeson is a commendable leader and smart investor. He is constantly setting up and upgrading structures that better the economic well-being of the state. The trained lawyer is valued at approximately $500 million.

3. Nasir El-Rufai

Serving as Kadun’s governor, he is a highly trained and certified Quantity Surveyor with a net worth approximated at $450 million.

4. Dapo Abiodun

Valued at $315 million, Governor Dapo is a wealthy Nigerian state governor. He leads Ogun State, and previously worked in the petroleum industry heading Heydon Petroleum. His impressive wealth is credited to investments in petroleum and other high return options.

5. Obiano Willie

He heads the state of Anambra and is one of Nigeria’s wealthiest political leaders. Before his entry into the political arena, Willie Obiano worked in the banking sector where he left his footprints as a leading professional. He is currently valued at an approximate $300 million.

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6. Godwin Obaseki

Running the state of Edo, Obaseki is among Nigeria’s wealthiest politicians. Despite the common thought that such leaders obtain their wealth from unacceptable and often corrupt means, Governor Godwin attributes most of his riches to his experience in high value investing and other business ventures where he spent his professional life before politics. His current net worth is approximately $225 million.

7. Makinde Seyi

Heading Oyo State is the seventh richest Nigerian state governor. He has extensive expertise in leadership and politics and has built up his wealth to an estimated net worth of $70 million.

8. Tambuwal Aminu

In charge of the state of Sokoto, Governor Tambuwal is a remarkable leader. Moreover, he is a lawyer by profession and however chartered his way in politics. He is currently valued at an approximate $30 million.

9. Bello Yahaya

The state of Kogi is headed by Yahaya Bello who is among the richest political figures in Nigeria with a monetary value of $10 million. He is a trained accountant professionally and turned to politics in service.

10. Mohammed Bala

Leading the state of Bauchi, Nigeria’s Bala Mohammed is valued at an approximate $7 million. The governor has worked in various capacities before governorship. He makes it to our top 10 among the richest governors in Nigeria.

  Governor Name State Name
Net Worth
1. Bello Sani Niger $1 Billion
2. Wike Nyeson Rivers $500 Million
3. Nasir El-Rufai Kadun $450 Million
4. Dapo Abiodun Ogun $315 Million
5. Obiano Willie Anambra $300 Million
6. Godwin Obaseki Edo $225 Million
7. Makinde Seyi Oyo $70 Million
8. Tambuwal Aminu Sokoto $30 Million
9. Bello Yahaya Kogi $10 Million
10. Mohammed Bala Bauchi $7.3 Million


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