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Anne Idibia Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

Anne Idibia Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

The world of showbiz is one that is filled with so much drama and gossip all year round. It is a world that can be chaotic from time to time, however, some few people thrive in it and in the glory, it brings them from time to time. It is a bitter-sweet experience to be a celebrity especially in a world that thrives on tearing characters apart. Somehow, it always seems to involve those who are in close proximity to the celebrities and not the celebrities themselves. In this article, we will talk about the life and work of Anne Idibia who is the wife of 2face Idibia.

Anne Idibia Age and Place of Birth

Anne Macaulay Idibia was born in November of 1984 in Ibadan, Nigeria. She is currently 37 years old.

Anne Idibia Early Life, Education, and Career

Mrs. Idibia is one of cert well educated and diverse women when it comes to her craft and career path. As a child, she had a great childhood experience save for a few occurrences that may have rocked the boat. She was barely a teenager when her parents underwent an untimely divorce. With that, she had to change states from her place of birth to the bustling town of Lagos with her mother who had custody over her at the time.

After completing her primary education and passing with flying colors, she transitioned into university life. The brilliant Anne got her first bachelor’s degree in computer science, which was her major. Seeing as she had developed a love for acting and the theatrical arts, she did a minor in Theatre Arts. She took the best of both worlds and made the best out of it. Mrs. Idibia loves the world of beauty and has competed in a couple of pageants and is additionally featured in a couple of songs because of her beauty.

Anne Idibia Personal Life

As aforementioned, Anne is married to the famous African Queen song star, 2Face Idibia. Together, they have two lovely daughters who are just approaching their teenage years. Her marriage life has lately been rocky as her husband reportedly cheated on her. She went ahead to her social media pages, primarily Instagram where she has about 7 million followers to rant about her ordeal.

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She lamented about the poor treatment she received from her husband’s family and the husband himself. Her expressions exuded anger and disappointment at the unfair treatment she had been consistently handed, citing despise and infidelity. Since then, nothing has been done to salvage the situation. 

Anne Idibia Net worth and Assets

Anne derives her wealth from the beauty parlor she owns in America and the other entrepreneurial ventures she involves herself in. Her net worth is at an estimated $5million

Real name Annie Macaulay Idibia
Age 37 years old 
Place of birth  Nigeria
Marital status Married
Net worth  $5million


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