Bad News to Teachers as Government plans to Scrap off Tax Relief

Since the beginning of the year, a better part of the year has been spent while teachers were away from duty. This was due to the outbreak of the novel Corona virus (COVID-19) that left many schools closed.

The government therefore came up with a way to cushion its employees against the scourge by introducing a tax reduction mechanism and tax relief for low income earners.

Among the employees who were to benefit from the tax relief were the teachers employed and thus serving under the Teachers’ Service Commission.

The tax relief has been enjoyed by the concerned parties for more than six months now. This has seen bulged payslips making some teachers go for loans from SACCO’s, banks and other financial institutions for personal development.

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During the presidential address on the country’s economic progress, instructors woke up to bad news as they will soon no longer be cushioned- the tax relief will come to an end on 31st December making the loaners to dig deeper into payslips.

For teachers who are low income earners, this will have a huge negative impact on their payslips as they will be left with less or none to afford better living standards like they used to.