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Top 10 Best Courses for self-employment in 2020/2021

Top 10 Best Courses for self-employment in 2020/2021
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Joblessness is order of the day in most developing countries. The possible reason for this could be that, the government has adopted inappropriate education system that does not match the needs of the employers in the economy. Proper curriculum counseling need to be done before someone goes to college to pursue a course. In no respective order, here are the top 10 Best Courses for self-employment in 2020:

1. Music Courses

Music-related courses are among those the best for Best Courses for self-employment. Those pursuing certificate, diplomas or degrees in music start earning even before completing their first year of study. Those who pursue it with passion record their songs and upload in their youtube channels, making them to start their investments earlier than expected. Depending on how committed you are, you can even start attending shows, weddings and engaging in promotion adverts by the time you are in second year.

It doesnt matter if you have the talent or not. What matters is confidence and commitment. Holders of music degree, diploma or certificate can start a company that trains people how to sing, writes songs for upcoming/existing musicians, train instrumentals, train latest dancing moves, records songs and do video coverage. So casual the jobs look but trust me the bulging pockets will surprise you.

2. Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering students do not have to graduate to start enjoying the fruits of this course. As early as second year, they can start small scale electrification at residential houses. After graduation, they offer their wiring services to bigger storied buildings, depending on how much they market themselves. If fortunate to be employed by KPLC, KENGEN, KETRACO among other companies, they can still have a side hustle, thus not subjected to salary alone.

3. Building and Construction Technology

Just like electrical engineers, masons start earning by the time they are joining college since they can start serving as construction assistants at construction sites, earning not less than Kshs. 1000 per day. Upon graduation, they can decide to create their own construction companies and employ constructors, foremen and supervisors.

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Remember structures are built everywhere every day, hence there is a bigger market pool against limited qualified individuals. In fact, you will be called an engineer in your local area yet most real engineers are still knocking peoples doors for employment opportunities. Graduates of this course may acquire drawing and designing skills that can be used to design house plans for individuals and companies thus earning a living comfortably.

4. Agriculture related courses

Agriculture dictates the economy of any developing or developed country yet very few are ready for the venture. A holder of a degree in agriculture can start by engaging in commercial farming, in a unique way as opposed to most farmers who are doing a gambling job.

With skills from the university, you can know when to plant or rear what, plant and animal diseases and how to curb them. This can increase your productivity as a farmer. Overtime you can have employers in your farm and play the role of a supervisor.

5. Medical and Health Related Courses

Medicine is not only marketable in the field of employment but can also guarantee enormous success in the field of selfemployment. As a doctor, you can establish your own clinic or private hospital once you have been licensed and earn your fortunes from there. It has been proved that the entire population is living with ailments and each day, thousands must troop to the health facilities.

Most patients prefer private hospitals to public hospitals due to convenience, adequate drugs, admirable sanitation and proper medicationAny medical course is a direct ticket to selfemployment. Bachelor/diploma in nursing, bachelor of medicine, bachelor of optical technology, bachelor of clinical medicine, bachelor of pharmacy, bachelor of dentistry, among others are creators of employers and selfemployment.

6. Veterinary Medicine

This course comes sixth on our list of best courses for self-employment. Veterinary doctors are some of the few creatures who begin their empires without dreaming of employment. 80% of urban households and 100% of rural households have domesticated at least an animal. With the current rise in animal diseases, and the fact that there are no hospitals for animals, these doctors have a wider opportunity right at their doorstep.

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One bottle of medicine can even inject over 100 domestic animals, leaving these guys with at least 300% profit. All you need is a syringe, few drugs for common animal diseases, a bag to carry your items and a means of transport. For a start, a bike is not that bad.

7. Software Engineering

Software engineers do not hesitate to start developing their software and applications and selling expensively to the demanding clients. As early as first year, they can design their own websites and start blogging. Who knows, they may turn millionaires even before completing college. Even offering web designing services to individuals and companies can rip them fortunes.

8. Film and Animation Studies

Graduates of film and animation studies acquire video editing skills suitable in the modern competitive world as far as filmography is concerned. someone can apply such skills in creating you tube content which is a lucrative venture these days.
With video capturing and editing skills, they can be hired by companies to record promotional adverts or by local event organizers to do a live recording of events like wedding, funerals, parties, among others.

9. Education Courses

Having gone through education training at college, one acquires management and pedagogical skills necessary in starting and managing a school of any level effectively. For starters, an early childhood development Center is a sure bet since parents want proper education for their childrena need that most public schools may not satisfy.

10. Graphics and Web Design

Graphics and Web Design is also among the best Courses for self-employment in 2020. A course in graphics and web design equip learners with skills to master the use of essential graphics and web designing software such as adobe dream weaver, adobe In Design, illustrator, Photoshop and Coreldraw. These enable the learner to design websites, logos and banners for individuals and companies, which will earn them handsome payments.

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