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Most Marketable Courses Offered at Mount Kenya University

Most Marketable Courses Offered at Mount Kenya University

Mount Kenya University (MKU) is a private university that is located in Thika, Kenya. The university is a multi-campus-chartered university that was founded in 1996.

The institution insists on offering top-notch quality education and as a matter of fact, the graduates from Mount Kenya University are among the top 10 most preferred by employers.

This in itself speaks volume about how dedicating the university is in offering quality education. The current Vice Chancellor of Mount Kenya University is Professor Peter Mwangi. Below is a list of most marketable courses at Mount Kenya University;

1. Nursing

Nursing is one of the most marketable courses offered at Mount Kenya University. One needs to score at least a C+ to be admitted. For direct entry, one studies for 4 years (12 trimesters). However, those who are upgrading or doing distance learning study for only 2.5 years (8 trimesters).

2. Medicine and Surgery

This is one of the most marketable courses not only in Mount Kenya University but in the country at large. The study is usually detailed, taking up to 6 years of thorough education. However, after completion, one is usually very marketable and can work in various hospitals within the country and even abroad.

3. Bachelor of Commerce

Once you study commerce and you top it up with a professional course such as CPA or ACCA, you become very marketable. You can work as an accountant, a banker or even an auditor. Study takes about 4 years.

4. Degree in Law

If done right, law can take you to greater heights. The quality offered at Mount Kenya University is usually admirable. After doing the 4-year course, the student goes to Kenya School of Law for 2 years after which they can start practicing.

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5. Bachelor of Economics

This remains to be one of the most marketable courses in Kenya. With this, make sure you study a professional course such as CPA and ACCA and you will never lack a good job.

6. Film and Animation

In a world where content creation is on the rise, professional creatives who know how best to capture content, come up with ideas and edit them in a way that sticks in one’s mind are needed. Their market is on the rise.

7. Information Technology

Companies always need experts who know how to manoeuvre the internet, and help them in case anything goes wrong with their system. This course is very marketable and with this, one can land a very well-paying job in either the public or private sector.

8. Computer Science

The study takes about 4 years to complete. With this, one can be employed as a Consultant of a company on all matters computers.

9. Pharmacy

This is one very marketable course. The study takes about 5 years to complete. One can then be able to work with pharmaceutical companies or even with hospitals.

10. Business Administration and Management

These days, every organization needs a manager. With this, one has various options to pick from. The study takes about 4 years to complete.

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