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Top 4 Best International Schools in Kenya and their Location 2022

Top 4 Best International Schools in Kenya and their Location 2021

There are many things that parents look for international schools before enrolling their kids. Most of these parents are expatriates and are usually looking to enroll their children in diverse schools. Some of these things include curriculum and modes of study. Here are some of the best international schools in Kenya.

1. International school of Kenya

The International School of Kenya is a private institution that was founded in 1976 through a partnership between the governments of the United States and Canada. The system of learning facilitates an intense yet fun inclusive space for expatriate and Kenyan students to thrive.

To that end, the end goal is to ultimately get to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. With close to 1000 students from 67 African and non-African countries, parents are assured of a diverse environment for their children to nurture their academic and co-curricular skills.

2. Brookhouse International Schools

Established in 1981, Brookhouse identifies as the school that is preparing global citizens for the 21st century. With two campuses in Runda and Karen, Brookhouse pursues academic excellence and is a member of the G-30 group. The international school boasts a wide variety of students from 40 nationalities.

Identifying as a round square school, Brookhouse offers top notch quality co-educational British curriculum for its students. The state-of-the-art facilities in Brookhouse facilitate learning for early learning, primary and middle school students.

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3. Peponi Secondary School

Peponi school identifies as Kenya’s best British Public school. Founded in 1989, they posit themselves as a first class school that aids students from different nationalities to be prepared for a life beyond the formal curriculum. To further this goal, the academic institution offers a variety of scholarships that range from academic scholarships and exhibitions, music scholarships and exhibitions to all rounded scholarships.

Evidently diverse, the school is committed to not only advancing academic knowledge, but also integrating that with co-curricular activities for balance and variety. Located in Ruiru, the environment is particularly conducive for learning and accommodates the students from different nationalities who may need to adjust frequently.

Students from Kenyan families who would like an international experience can enroll their students here. It goes without saying that this is also a great opportunity for students who come from expatriate families to enroll and further their education.

4. St Andrew’s, Turi

Located in Molo, Kenya, St Andrews Turi has consistently met its motto, which is to seek the highest. It is a Christian School that chooses to center Christ in all its undertakings. Founded in 1931, St Andrews Turi focuses on creating independent learners to reach or achieve the high academic expectations in different aspects of learning.

These areas of learning are not only limited to academic activities but also co-curricular programs and pastoral care that focus on personal development. With their ideals including internationalism, democracy, adventure, leadership and service, students at St Andrew’s Turi are meant to be all rounded individuals by the time they graduate.

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