Top 10 Best Mass Communication Courses in Kenya 2020/2021
Mass Communication Students at Kabarak University. IMAGE:

Mass communication refers to the process of conveying and exchanging information through mass media to huge sections of the population. In Kenya, mass communication has proven to be one of the fast-growing industries at the moment, thanks to digitization and availability of information and resources. Below is a list of top 10 best mass communication courses in Kenya 2020 (these programs are available in either certificate, diploma or degree courses):

1. Film Production

This involves a lot of behind the scenes work so as to come up with well- curated content for a desirable target group. Institutions such as Kenya Institute of Mass Communication offer it.

2. News Anchoring

This involves learning what goes on both before and during the news anchoring. One gets to learn what to do, what to say, how to say it and where to look and position yourself during news anchoring. Institutions such as the University of Nairobi and Kenya Institute of Mass Communication offer it.

3. Disaster Management and International Diplomacy

Institutions that offer it include Mombasa Institute of Technology, Kenya Institute of Mass Communication and University of Nairobi.

4. Photography

Photography and videography is one of the marketable mass communication courses in Kenya at the moment. You get to learn camera skills and effects such as bokeh, lighting and slo-mo. The Kenya Institute of Mass Communication offers this course.

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5. Computer Applications

Here, the students get to learn the computer packages such as Microsoft word, excel, access and PowerPoint among others. Institutions such as KIMC offers it.

6. Video Editing

This involves using specific applications and features to curate a video or group of videos to a desired way. This may involve change of speed, adding transitions, images or even background music. Institutions such as KIMC offer it.

7. Animation and Digital Media Design

This involves learning how to do animation and editing images to fit a desired target group. KIMC offers it.

8. Journalism

Here, students get to cover areas such as news writing and reporting, media ethics, photography for journalism, digital content production, media converge and communication skills. Institutions that offer it include Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIM), Beam International Training Centre and Jodan College of Technology, Thika.

9. Social Media Marketing and Content Creation

This is a fairly new course, thanks to this era of social media. Most companies aim to have a desirable online presence. They therefore need professionals who know exactly how to make them stand out.

10. Sound Editing and Media Techniques

In sound editing, students are usually being prepared for music technology. It involves introducing them to software- based recording technologies and digital studio. Institutions such as Kenya Institute of Mass Communication and Nairobi Institute of Business Studies offer it.