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College of Insurance Courses, Branches and Fee Structure 2021/2022

College of Insurance Courses, Branches and Fee Structure 2021/2022

The College of Insurance was specifically established as an answer to the market needs of Kenya, with a detailed attention to the local culture and current matters affecting the field of Insurance in the country. The institution is keen on advancing the careers of Kenyan professionals and even preparing upcoming professionals for a career in Insurance.

Courses offered at Kenya College of insurance

The college is endowed with a variety of programs that students can make their selection from. Below are the courses that the College of Insurance offers:

  1. Diploma in Insurance (2 years)
  2. Craft Course in Insurance (1 year)
  3. Certificate of Proficiency (3 months)
  4. Chartered Insurance Institute Courses (6 months)
  5. Trustee Development Program (5 days)
  6. Award in Bancassurance (3 months)
  7. Liability Insurance Underwriting & Claims
  8. Management of Motor Insurance Underwriting & Claims
  9. Record Management in Insurance
  10. Marine Cargo Insurance Underwriting & Claims
  11. Strategic Investment for Insurers
  12. Effective Insurance Investigations
  13. Risk Based Underwriting
  14. Insights into Insurance Fraud Prevention and Management
  15. Health Medical Management
  16. Data Analytics
  17. Pension Administration and Management
  18. Operational Excellence for Insurance Professionals
  19. Bancassurance Business Seminar
  20. Customer Service Management Seminar
  21. Fundamentals of Claims Handling
  22. International Marine Insurance
  23. Pre-retirement Planning Seminar
  24. Corporate Governance and Leadership

The College of Insurance has more short courses available for learners to take advantage of. They take short periods of time, the maximum time for a short course offered at the institution running for five days. The institution offers three examinations – Certificate of Proficiency in Insurance, Certificate Course in Insurance and Diploma in Insurance (Fellowship and Associate levels).

To cater for learners’ well being while at the College of Insurance, the institution has a hospitality package consisting of accommodation, restaurant and catering, pool lounge and conferencing packages.

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College of insurance Fee Structure

The College of Insurance charges students differently depending on the courses taken for study. Depending on the course one selects, they can access the fees due at https://www.coi.ac.ke/academics/courses/. It is worth noting that foreign students who undertake any of the courses, short courses or special programs provided by the institution, their fees and general charges are 15% more than the Kenyan students’ fee payments.

College of insurance Branches

The College is situated in Nairobi and in Mombasa. To contact the college in Nairobi, use the email address info@coi.co.ke and for Mombasa at infombsa@coi.co.ke .

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