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Flaqo Raz 411 Biography, Age, Career, Girlfriend, Instagram, Net Worth

Flaqo 411 Biography, Age, Career, Girlfriend, Instagram, Net Worth
Erastus Ayieko Otieno popularly known as Flaqo 411 alias Flaqo Raz. Image: Instagram

Flaqo 411 or Flaqo Raz’s real name is Erastus Ayieko Otieno. The funny bone is a celebrated Kenyan comedian who is widely known for his character ‘Mama Otis’ in his multi-character comedy play that he singlehandedly aces. Apart from doing comedy, Flaqo is also a singer, scriptwriter and dancer.

Flaqo 411 Age, Birthday, Place of Birth, Tribe, Nationality

Flaqo is a Christmas Day baby, which in itself explains why he has been called Emmanuel as well as Noel all his life. To other people, this is a beautiful thing since he shares a birthday with Jesus Christ. To him, though, he does not get to celebrate his birthday since it coincides with Christmas Day. He was born on 25th December (Christmas Day) in Aga Khan Hospital.

Flaqo 411 Family

Flaqo is the eldest of 3, meaning that he has 2 younger siblings; a brother and a sister. His immediate family members are fully aware of his time for seriousness and his moment of joke cracking.

Flaqo 411 Education Background

Flaqo attended Xaverian primary School before continuing to St. Mary’s High School for his secondary school education. He later went to Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology (JOOUST) where he pursued his degree in Public Health where he graduated in the year 2018.

The Kenyan comedy star strongly believes that God just wanted him to get the papers before he opened doors for him in the Kenyan entertainment industry. He was a very calm kid in school and no one, not even himself, knew that he would stand out in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

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Flaqo 411 Singer

What most people do not know is the fact that Flaqo was a singer way before he even starter doing his comedy skits. He started off as an RnB artiste but found it hard to pull through due to competition. He then decided to look for a way that will make him noticeable and that is when comedy came in. His favorite R&B artiste is August Alsina whose some of his songs are Soul Cry, Hold you down and Make it home. Flaqo claims to know all his songs word by word.

A while ago, after releasing his love song dubbed Regrets, a fan commented that his music was trash.

“I love your comedy skits, but the music is trash,” commented kingsleymartinjr.

Flaqo 411 clapped back on him, stating that he does not sweat about such comments anymore.

Flaqo 411 Comedy Background

When it became hard for Flaqo to breakthrough in the Kenyan music industry, he got himself into comedy. Before he even started comedy, Flaqo used to watch Vines way before the application was deleted.

He started shooting videos using his cheap phone, switching characters, doing what Kenny Knox, Dope Island and the likes did. He would then post the videos on social media platforms like WhatsApp and people who knew him thought that he was crazy and this demotivated him. He then resorted to going to YouTube to learn more.

As he was still experimenting, one day in August 2018, he decided to sneak in and shoot a quick video while his mother was out for grocery shopping. He shot it from a script of Khaligraph Jones praying. After posting it, it became his first viral video that got shared widely in platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. The videos that were previously shared mostly in his hometown of Kisumu found their way to the rest of Kenya and beyond borders. This particular video amassed 10,000 followers in just 2 days.

Flaqo 411 Mama Otis

Flaqo is commonly known for singlehandedly playing multiple characters of Otis, Mama Otis, Akoth, Baba Otis and Mama Kinston. He is widely known for the character Mama Otis, who is a combination of characteristics from his mother and 2 aunts. Many viewers love the Mama Otis character since it is a true representation of how mums are. They are extra and will make you do anything just to avoid seeing you idle.

Apart from Mama Otis, some of his other famous characters are Eko Dydda, Bakari the Choirmaster, Khaligraph and Bahati.

Flaqo 411 Business

He owns a recording music studio in Mamboleo Estate in Kisumu known as Hitites, which means a play on tight hits. The studio gives young artistes a chance to record their tracks and have them released.

Flaqo stated that when he hits 10,000 followers on Instagram and 50,000 subscribers on YouTube, he will start presenting his scripts for TV Shows. He does so much research and mastery of his characters before you and I get to see the final product.

He has been able to work with brands such as Samsung, Airtel and Yola. Even with his endorsements, he does his best to turn the ads into comedy so as to not scare away his fans.

Flaqo Raz Net worth

Flaqo has bagged several brand endorsements that have seen him working with huge brands such as Samsung and Airtel. Apart from that, he also owns a recording studio in Kisumu. Having multiple streams of income is key for someone who is determined to grow his brand. This is something that Flaqo is aware of. We will let you know of his exact net worth once we lay our hands on that.

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