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Gyakie Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

Gyakie Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

The music scene in West Africa has seen a great revolution over the past few years. Each day there are new afro pop and afro best musicians who come up with even better songs to do dance challenges and moves to. One such upcoming artist is Gyakie, whose life and work we will highlight in this article.

Gyakie Age and place of birth

Gyakie was born Jacqueline Acheampong on 16th of December in 1998, in Ghana. She is currently 22 years old.

Gyakie Early Life, Education and Career

When you come from a family of musicians, it almost goes without saying that you will become one yourself someday. This is the case for one Gyakie, whose father was a musician himself, more specifically from a band known as the Lumba brothers. While growing up, she knew how to attune her ears to listen to good music and figure out different tones. This helped her establish the good voice that she has.

Aside from growing up in a musical home, Gyakie went through the education system like most kids her age did. She completed her primary education in Kumasi before transitioning to secondary school where she passed with flying colors. Her brilliance set precedence for her pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in International business.

While getting an education was important, it was not her point of focus or an end goal. It goes without saying that the arts do not ay as well in Ghana and so she had to do something to secure herself in case music would not generate the income she would need. After finishing her degree she decided to start releasing music in 2019. Her first song had some traction in Ghana and did fairly well for the damsel’s debut.

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Afterwards, she proceeded to work on and release an Extended playlist, or what is popularly known as EP. This helped her put in a considerable rapport for herself. The start finally made it to the limelight when she released a single dubbed Never like this. Since then, she has performed in a number of Ghanaian shows and featured on some famous magazines across Africa.

Gyakie Personal Life

There is not much to say about her personal life. The now well celebrated artist lives in Ghana and she has no romantic interests. She has a goose relationship with her parents and is working n becoming a better artist.

Gyakie Net worth and assets 

Gyakie makes her income from music. Her net worth is at an estimated $300000

Real name Jacqueline Acheampong
Age 22 years old
Place of birth Ghana
Marital status Single
Net worth  $300000


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