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Jowi Zaza Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

Jowi Zaza Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

The oil business in West African countries, specifically those with great ports, is without a doubt a reserve of the few. While there are a lot of politics surrounding who gets what, anyone who lands an oil deal is guaranteed one thing; devastatingly overwhelming wealth. One such Jowl Zaza is proof of what oil money can do for you. With the help of his father, he has not struggled mug in this life. In this article, we will explore the life of the extravagant Jowi Zaza

Jowi Zaza Age and Place of Birth

Jowi Zaza was born Joseph EzeOkafor Jr in March 1985 in Nigeria. He is currently 36 years old

Jowi Zaza Early Life, Education, and Career

When you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth, the least of your worries is to get an education as you know you are set for life regardless of what happens. This was not the case for one Jowl Zaza. He attended the most rigorous types of schools in Nigeria to instill in him the discipline and value of hard work.

This kind of education eventually landed him good grades which afforded him the chance to attend the most coveted Coventry University in London.  It was here that he mastered and solidified his knowledge in business.

As the son of a billionaire businessman, you would expect that he would be his father’s apprentice but it goes without saying that with this ever-changing world, apprenticeship is not enough. While he learned the importance of wealth creation and hard work from his father, his further education helped him open his eyes more to the silent unsaid rules of business. After his education, he joined his father in managing Jezco oil, the business that generates all their dizzying revenue.

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Jowi Zaza Personal Life

There is not a man who lives openly as large as Zaza does. He flaunts his wealth for all and sundry to see. While it is not unexpected as he has grown u living a lavish lifestyle, the rate at which he acquires property and spends on expensive items is quite a sight to behold. Zazu has a special liking for supercars and he owns the best of the best amongst them a pricy Bentley and a classic Mercedes 4matic. He travels widely and owns a big mansion where he occasionally rests when he is not on journeys. Despite all this wealth, Zaza remains unmarried and details of his romantic life are scarce.

Jowi Zaza Net Worth and Assets

As aforementioned, the oil business carries with it a lot of money. It is here that Zaza gets all his income from. His net worth is at a staggering $100 million.

Real name Joseph EzeOkafor Jr.
Age 36 years old
Place of birth Nigeria
Marital status Single 
Net worth $100 million


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