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Lauretta Onochie Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

Lauretta Onochie Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

The world of power and dominance is mostly occupied by patriarchs who make decisions for the rest of the world. While the percentage of women leaders in Africa is dismal, there are a number who are striving each day to make a change. One such woman is Lauretta Onochie. She is the personal assistant to the president of the Republic of Nigeria. In this article, we will talk about the life and work of this superb woman.

Lauretta Onochie Age and place of birth

Lauretta Onochie was born in Nigeria on the 19th of July, 1955. She is currently 56 years old.

Lauretta Onochie Early Life, Education, and Career

There is much to be said about the life of this well-celebrated scholar who has earned herself the position of the president’s personal assistant for 5 consecutive years. She grew up in a loving home with parents who continuously encouraged her to pursue her dreams. She was great in academics since childhood and she carried this with her till her years of tertiary education. Mrs. Onochie was fond of the process of learning and getting educated and this is how she slowly got roped into tone world of famous scholars. 

She was consistently attentive and learned a great deal from her teachers who laid a great foundation for her further studies. Not only did she study at the University of Calabar, she also went ahead and studied at the University of Benin and this is where she got the chance to pursue her postgraduate education.

She had previously done a course on business but she wanted to narrow it down to something that resonated more with her passion. It was then that she obtained a postgraduate education degree at the University of Greenwich. From here, she got the courage to get a couple of related and complementary certificates from the coveted Harvard University. 

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Her influence was widespread and the level of knowledge was one to marvel at. You would think that she would stop there but she went and did a little bit of theology and worked in a few organizations before she got selected as the president’s assistant.

Lauretta Onochie Personal Life

Most of what is known about her personal life are centered around her stellar achievements as a scholar and an educator. That aside, she is married to one Mr. Onochie. Together, they are not only blessed with children but also grandchildren all of whom reside in the West, specifically, the United Kingdom.

Lauretta Onochie Net Worth and Assets

Owing to all the work she does and her heavy qualifications, Lauretta’s net worth is pretty heavy. It is at an estimated $2 million 

Real Name Lauretta Onochie
Age 65 years old
Place of Birth Nigeria
Marital status Married
Net worth $2million


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