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Obama DMW Biography, Net Worth, Background, Personal Life, Career

Obama DMW Biography, Net Worth, Background, Personal Life, Career

The art of writing and singing music is one that needs careful monitoring and nurturing in order to make something beautiful out of it. This is why all opera singers and rappers of any kind need managers to help them run the business side of things. These managers are not a one size fits all and that makes it hard to find one that you work well with. One Davido, a Nigerian artist, was privileged to have Obama DMW as his manager until the time of his demise. While his passing on was untimely, he did quite an impeccable job. In this article, we will explore the life and work of DMW.

Obama DMW Age and Place of Birth

Aged 44, he was born Habeeb Uthman in 1991. The state he was born in was Lagos, Nigeria.

Obama DMW Early life, Education, and Career

Most people in the entertainment industry have a strong Christian background. This was not the same case for one Habeeb Uthman. He grew up in a Muslim family with strong ideals. In addition, his parents were very industrious people with impeccable work ethics. This was the foundation upon which his character and sense of self-worth was born,

Being born in a Muslim family meant a lot of things. Top of those things was that listening and producing secular music was not halal or allowed in the religion. However, Obama DMW was determined to pursue his interests. He developed his interest and liking for the entertainment industry. That aside, he diligently pursued his studies in the elite schools of Nigeria. He was more inclined to the science and the culmination of his studies was him obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering

Obama DMW Personal Life
Habeeb moved to the west to pursue a better living. Meanwhile, he started managing different artists after mastering the craft. He concurrently started a must recording label with a partner. However, this did not last long as his partner passed on.

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Due to his background, Obama DMW moved on and became very successful in managing a couple of artists on his own. Amongst the many that he worked for, Davido was one of them. That aside, there’s not much known about his romantic life aside from the fact that he had a son. But he was not married.

Obama DMW’s life was cut off in an untimely manner. He developed complications that made him rush to the hospital. However, he did not make it. He passed on 29th June 2021.

Obama DMW Net Worth
His net worth was at an estimated $800000

Real Name Habeeb Uthman
Age 30
Place of Birth  Nigeria
Marital status  Single 
Net worth $800000


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