Top 10 Richest Musicians in East Africa and Their Net Worth 2020
Naseeb Abdul Juma Issack (Diamond Platinumz) Posing with his Rolls-Royce IMAGE: Instagram

East Africa is greatly endowed with talent, especially in the music industry. There are a good number of musicians who, out of hardware, passion and consistency, have been able to stand out in the music industry. This has translated into their bank accounts, making them rich over time. Below is a list of top ten richest musicians in East Africa and their net worth in 2020:

1. Jose Chameleon

Jose Chameleon leads among richest musicians in East Africa. With a net worth of $6 million, the reggae genre artist has been able to win the hearts of many through his music. He came to the light after he released his song ‘Shida za dunia’. His real name is Joseph Mayanja.

2. Diamond Platnumz

Naseeb Chibu Dangote is a 30-year-old talented artist from Tanzania. He is the CEO of WCB Wasafi. The 30-year-old man who is always moving from relationship to relationship has had controversy put him on the map. He recently parted ways with his Kenyan girlfriend, Tanasha Donna Oketch.

His income is mainly through events, brand sponsorships and his production company WCB Wasafi Media. He is currently the brand ambassador of Pepsi Tanzania and many other brands. Diamond Platinumz’ net worth as of the year 2020 is approximately over $5 Million.

3. Akothee (Madam Boss)

She is the first Kenyan to ever do a music collaboration with Diamond Platnumz. Akothee has been able to rise from her humble past, using the stones thrown at her to build her home. She owns a number of businesses such as Another Safaris and Morning Star Diani.

The celebrity has taught her kids to be so independent. Rue Baby for instance is among Kenyan youths who are so influential and her deals promises a bright future ahead. Akothe’s net worth is approximately $4 Million.

4. Jaguar

Charles Njagua Kanji is a Kenyan musician and politician. She was part of Mandugu Record Label in 2004. He later joined Ogopa Deejays where he got his song ‘kigeugeu’ released. This gave him so much popularity and stardom, paving way for his success story. His net worth is approximately $3.9 Million. This makes him among richest musicians in East Africa.

5. Professor Jay

Joseph Haule is a Tanzanian musician and politician that has been in the music scene for about 30 years. His net worth is about $3.7 Million.

6. Alikiba

He got to the music scene in 2004 which was immediately after he completed high school. He has been able to work with brands such as Coke Studio Africa. His net worth is approximately $3.45 Million.

7. Sauti Sol

This is a band which is the best boy band in Africa at the moment. The group’s music is so unique yet modern and African at the same time, making them stand out from the rest. They recently got signed by a company they had been eyeing for years. The boy band is yet to drop an album very soon. Their net worth as of the year 2020 is approximately over $3.4 Million.

8. Bobi Wine

He is a Ugandan politician and musician. He is greatly loved by the people that at some point, the president considered him a threat. Some of his songs include Funtala, Akagoma and Sunda. His net worth is approximately $3.12 Million.

9. Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool joined the music scene in 1997. His genre of music is Reggae. Bebe Cool has a record label known as Gagamel Music Label. His net worth is approximately $2.8 Million.

10. Emmanuel Jal

Emmanuel Jal closes our listing today by being in the tenth position among richest musicians in East Africa. He is a South Sudanese musician that has been able to make it on this list. Despite his country constantly being in political unrest, he has pushed through the odds. His net worth is approximately $2.2 Million.