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Saskay Biography, Net Worth, Career Journey, Personal Life

Saskay Biography, Net Worth, Career Journey, Personal Life

Saskay, whose genuine name is Tsakute Ladi Jonah, is a fiercely ambitious and talented canvas and fine artist, actress, model, and rapper from Nigeria. She has become a rage after recently contesting in the sixth season of Big Brother Naija titled, “Shine Ya Eye”.

Saskay Age and Place of Birth

Saskay comes from Nigeria, Adamawa, one of the largest states in Nigeria popularly known for investing majorly in farming. In 2000, on the 16th of May, Saskay was ushered into the world to both her parents and five sisters. She recently celebrated her 21st birthday.

Saskay Early Life and Education

Saskay was born into a family of seven members including both her parents and all her siblings. She is the fifth and last born of her four sisters. Saskay’s childhood was majorly spent in the north of Nigeria although her nursery, primary and secondary schooling took place in Port Harcourt. She attended the Word of Faith Group of Schools.

Later on, she proceeded to pursue her triennial education at Veritas University in Abuja. Despite getting suspended from campus in 2015 for unknown reasons, Saskay eventually graduated with a degree in fine arts early in the year. 

Saskay Career

Saskay’s creativity and artistry began to show while she was at the university where she participated in modeling shows and won awards representing, “Female Personality of the Year” as well as “Model of the Year”. She is very well known on social media platforms particularly on Instagram where she shares her paint artwork. Her artwork is said to be her major source of income aside from her music, modeling, and brand endorsements among many other activities she engages in.

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Saskay’s name caught wildfire when she became a contestant on the 6th season of Big Brother Naija reality show in late July. Her audience has gotten the opportunity to get to know and love her better. She has since then become an internet sensation, especially in the Nigerian scene. Her passion and talent in the arts inspire her to do more and be more not just for her growth and improvement but to be impactful to the spaces where she shares her skill.  

Saskay Net Worth

The degree Saskay attained upon graduation was not only based on merited academic skill but on talent as well. She is undoubtedly a very talented artist and has bagged quite a plenitude from her paintings not to mention her modeling work and brand influencing. Her net worth is speculated to be at about $30,000.

Name Tsakute Ladi Jonah
Age 21
Place of Birth Adawama state, Nigeria
Nationality Nigerian
Net Worth $30,000


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