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Seun Osewa Biography, Net Worth, Career Journey, Personal Life

Seun Osewa Biography, Net Worth, Career Journey, Personal Life

Oluwaseun Temitope Osewa, popularly recognized on the internet as Seun Osewa, is a top-of-the-game accomplished founder and owner of the Nairaland web forum. Seun’s flourishing venture is noteworthy as its’ success is quite inspirational given his genius in everything computers. Oluwasewun’s web forum was declared the most sizable forum in Africa by Forbes as well as one of the most cutting-edge outcomes of technology by YNaija.

Seun Osewa Age and Place of Birth

Oluwasewun was born in his hometown Ota situated in Ogun state in Nigeria to both his parents on the 12th of July in the year 1982. He recently celebrated his 39th birthday.

Seun Osewa Early Life and Education

Born to his parents in Ogun state, Oluwasewun has spent all of his life in Ota from childhood up until now. He has not felt the need to move from his childhood state. He attended his elementary, primary, secondary, as well as a university in Ogun state.

The specifics of the schools he attended are not known although it is known to the public that he began pursuing a course in electrical engineering at the University of Ile Ife in the year 1998. Fortunately, or unfortunately, Oluwasewun did not complete his course study. However, this was in no way a hindrance to him attaining his goals. He left to pursue his interest in the field of computer science singlehandedly. 

Seun Osewa Career

Seun Osewa’s knowledge and engrossment in computer science specifically programming led him to create a startup in web hosting a couple of years after dropping out of school. The first couple of times he tried to get his business up and running did not pan out successfully, but he did not let up on his pursuit. He again attempted to build a SMSing website named Bulk and shortly afterward a Mobile Forum which worked only for a short period but eventually became unsustainable.

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Oluwasewun’s quantum leap came in 2005 when he launched his current multimillion-dollar web forum, Nairaland, which picked up and performed better than he had envisioned. He knew he would make a comfortable living out of his business venture, but he had no idea how big the business would grow to become.

Nairaland became so successful that Oluwasewun stopped advertising via Google AdSense and instead became a host for advertisements and as a result, Oluwasewun was listed in the Forbes under 30 as one of the most successful entrepreneurs.

Seun Osewa Net Worth

Oluwasewun’s net worth is estimated at a whopping $5million which he has garnered from his web forum over the years.

Name Oluwaseun Temitope Osewa 
Age 39
Place of Birth Ota, Ogun
Nationality Nigerian
Net Worth $5million


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