Home Education in Kenya Top 4 Best colleges in Kenya to consider for Admission in 2021

Top 4 Best colleges in Kenya to consider for Admission in 2021

Top 4 Best colleges in Kenya to consider for Admission in 2021

Joining a college requires you to make a valid decision, for the college you join determines everything in your career. The college shapes you and prepares you to compete favorably amongst other grandaunts to look for a job. Not all colleges are in a position to do so except those which are ranked the best here in Kenya. Being best may simply be taken to mean having all the necessities to offer you a quality course.

1. Regional Center for Management

This is the best college that is known to offer all business-related courses. It has enough and well-trained staff who are suitable for your career in the business field. The Regional Center for Management publishers develop methodologies that are meant to offer you a quality training throughout till completion of the course.

KASNEB, KNEC, and ICM are some of the courses that these college offers. The training offered in this college helps a student to make a realization on themselves and put effort on any weakness they come across. Mentorship programs is the only weapon the college uses to achieve this and it is done before focusing on the course the student intended to pursue.

2. Kenya Medical Training College

This college helps to meet the needs of students who want to join the medical industry but didn’t perform well in their KCSE. From a humble beginning, the students are taken through all what entails the medical department and finally passed through several examinations testing their competences in the field. The faculties of the college have several departments that offer several medical courses that are geared towards improving the health standards of the people in Kenya.

The college has managed to offer 65-plus courses and produced more than 85 percent of the workforce in hospitals. Almost all counties of Kenya have a constituent college of the Kenya Medical Training College therefore meeting all the health requirements of each county.

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With the help on the national government of Kenya through the ministry of health, the college regularly receive funds that they use to improve on the resources they use to train students.

3. Kenya Institute of Mass Communication

This college was founded in the year 1961 and since then several advancements has been done including changing of the names. The college is there to nature talents of those students who are interested with the media field. Moving as per its mandates, it puts into consideration producing qualified personnel ready to work excellently in the media industry.

Students pass through intense trainings after which they are assessed through examinations which ranks them according to their performance. Apart from these, a student is required to submit a rapidessay on some topics concerning the media to his/her trainers.

4. Kenya Utalii College

Youths having desires to pursue courses in hospitality and tourism management should go for the Kenya Utalii College. The college together with its trained staff provides a thorough coursework to ensure their students serve best in the tourism industry anywhere in Kenya.

For any staff to be employed to the tourism industry, there are certain courses that one should have undertaken including specific qualifications. Serving tourists especially foreign tourist requires well trained staff where Kenya Utalii College provides.

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