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Top 10 Most Marketable Courses to Pursue In Kenya

Top 10 Most Marketable Courses to Pursue In Kenya

The world we live in as the dwellers of the advanced 21st century years is one of that requires us to make smart and calculated decisions at each and every step. This includes decisions on the courses to pursue in leveraging oneself towards the highest possible levels of fulfillment. Financially, psychologically, socially and even spiritually. Over the course of time, different courses have been seen to be more marketable and more rewarding in comparison to others. In this article, we explore the highest scoring and most marketable courses to pursue in Kenya in terms of their attractiveness to employers and their viability for being in demand.

1. Journalism and Communications

This course is tenth on the list being one of the most attractive choices. The course opens up opportunities in the media world and really in all spheres of life given the indispensability of the role of effective communication. One is allowed to major in different branches including ethical practice in public relations, broadcast journalism and mass communication.

The beauty of pursuing this degree is in the versatility of options available on completion and its dynamism. With the evolving world, communication systems must be able to change and adapt as fast. Individuals in this field have the opportunity to be at the forefront of change and leverage the advantage to making profits and decent earning. This can be in freelancing or under employment.

Companies, corporations, organizations and individuals will always require communication services and one can be certain that in making correct calculations, they will never miss a chance to generate an income. The degree is basically available to everyone with reasonable requirements for entry levels and is widely provided in the higher learning institutions in Kenya such as the University of Nairobi, United States International University and Kenyatta University.

2. Project Management

This is another course that is widely gaining favour and appreciation in the job market in Kenya and in the world. The shift from focusing on time-undefined undertakings into time-defined projects in a majority of the industries makes the need for professional and well-trained Project Managers known as the PM key.

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The PM is the fuel that determines the success of projects and is therefore a great idea for a course to pursue with majoring in the preferred industry be it Construction, Media or Agriculture. It is open to everyone seeking an improvement in their current careers and bettering their skillets.

3. Bachelor of Architecture / Architectural Engineering.

One of the most marketable and prestigious courses in the market is the Bachelor of Architecture. The course taken by designers of the mind-blowing structures, houses and users of skill and art to better the quality of life in whatever ways possible. Architecture is a great undertaking that requires dedication and resilience in mastering the art.

The course basically takes 4 years and an additional 2 years to be able to take the examinations that knight one as Architect. Architects have the added advantage of being able to freelance and not only depend on employment. The versatility of choices to pursue in projects is also a great opportunity to participate in different projects.

The course is offered in a majority of the top higher learning institutions with the best being at The University of Nairobi ADD, College of Architecture and Engineering.

4. Real Estate Management

Closely following is a course pursued in Real Estate and Real Estate Management. The broad field allows for multiple choices to major or specialize in including Valuation, Property Management, Sales and Marketing and Investments. It is highly marketable in Kenya and in the world given that residential, commercial, agricultural and multipurpose properties will always be in demand and in necessity. This gives a fairly secure knowledge of availability of income generation.

On completion of study, one is able to be self employed by setting up their own businesses based on the art, offer freelance services and attain employment in various firms and companies. The course if still fairly new in the country gaining favour across the country as Real Estate is known as the most secure asset that appreciates in value over time and still regarded as the most prestigious.

5. Applied Statistics with IT

All companies and entities of late are heavy on data, data analysis and data processing. A solid knowledge on Statistics and technology is a key win for anyone in the world we live in today. Business owners and shareholders are able to view performance based on numbers, figures and statistics presented clearly in easily comprehensible media. The advantage of bagging the skills from Applied Statistics with IT is that the skill is applicable in whichever field one finds themselves in offering a broader range of job selection choices.

This is also one of the most marketable courses currently and is a great addition to one’s Curriculum Vitae. The jobs and opportunities available for smart professionals are unlimited.

6. Bachelor of Pharmacy

Pharmacy is one of the oldest courses and remains one of the most marketable in the country and in the world. This is a no brainer given that the human race is consistently faced by old and new diseases, bacteria and viruses. We need pharmacists at the forefront spending time, skill and resources in coming up with effective medications, treatments and containment for prevailing viruses, bacteria and disease.

The course understandably requires dedication in study and commitment to the course of all humanity. The course is available in most higher learning institutions and requires top level standards for enrollment.

7. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery

This remains one of the most marketable courses in the country and in the world. Children all over the globe still grow up saying, “When I grow up I want to be a doctor.” The role of medical professionals and surgeons cannot be overemphasized and we have in the past recent months seen how crucial they are to the world. This has been in the light of the global Coronavirus Pandemic that is being fought even harder by the medical world. Additionally, the human race is constantly faced by diseases and such problems that can only be handled best by trained medical personnel.

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery takes a couple of years to learn and grow. It requires an undivided passion and commitment to the task. The course is offered widely in a majority of the higher learning institutions in Kenya such as the University of Nairobi and the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

8. Bachelor of Computer Science

Kicking off the top 3 list is a course in Computer Science that allows students to attain some of the most relevant skills in the current world including Programming, Machine Learning, Data Structures and the Internet of Things (IoT). Computer Scientists are highly marketable in the world especially with a huge share of the aspects of life going digital.

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In the near future, the world will require of all of us to have a solid digital skillet and a course in Computer Science is a great step to take in preparation of the inevitable change that is fast overturning the world as we know it. The course is offered in a majority of the higher learning institutions and recently also found in online schooling.

9. Software Engineering

The second most marketable course in the country is Software Engineering. This involves the development of software and application of engineering principles to the design, development and improvement of software. The digital world has opened up a vast new platform for doing business and generally doing life.

As observed recently, we have been in need of varied software products and solutions to be able to do things such as hold virtual meetings, attend classes, play games, communicate globally and carry out business. These are the defining times for the world and young professionals who will be making smart decisions by investing themselves in pursuing such a course.

10. Bachelor of Commerce

Topping the list is the Bachelor of Commerce having seemingly unlimited possibilities. Businesses the world over require top notch skills in accounting and finance, sales management and economics among more. The course is specifically designed for crafting successful businesses offering majors in Acturial Studies, Economics, Human Resource, Marketing and Business Management degrees.

This course is a wonderful choice for students fresh from high school as well as for professionals looking to improve their skill sets and hence get higher rewarding opportunities in their choice of field. The course is also a launching pad for post graduate studies in Business Administration. The course is widely available and is a wise choice for pursuance.

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